How Much Is Kevin De Bruyne New Contract?

Kevin De Bruyne has surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo as the highest-paid player in the Premier League after agreeing to a new four-year deal worth £20 million per season with Manchester City.De Bruyne represented himself during the six-month negotiating period, which came to a close yesterday with his agreement to extend his contract by two years, until the summer of 2025, according to the club.

What is Kevin De Bruyne’s salary?

Kevin De Bruyne has agreed to a five-year deal for £104 million with Manchester City Football Club, which includes a salary of £20,800,000 per year on average.De Bruyne will receive a basic salary of £20,800,000 in 2021, with a cap hit of £20,800,000.He will also have a salary of £20,800,000 in 2021.NHL contract information are often obtained via NHL Numbers, which is a public domain resource.

When did De Bruyne sign his new contract with Man City?

The 7th of April in the year 2021. Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne has signed a new deal with the Premier League champions that would keep him at the club until 2025, reports the section. The previous contract of the 29-year-old Belgium international had more than two years left on it when he was released.

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How many goals has Kevin De Bruyne scored for Manchester City?

Since joining Manchester City in 2011, Kevin De Bruyne has made 253 appearances for the club, scoring 64 goals and providing 105 assists. Despite the fact that the Belgian played a crucial part in City’s 100-point season, his greatest season was probably in the 2019-20 season. The midfielder made 48 appearances and was directly involved in 39 goals (16 goals and 23 assists).

Can De Bruyne end Messi and Ronaldo’s World Player of the year monopoly?

Defeating Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the World Player of the Year award would earn Belgium great Kevin De Bruyne a cash incentive. Photograph courtesy of the Press Association.

How much does De Bruyne earn a week 2021?

In addition to bonuses, De Bruyne’s compensation is said to be 280,000 pounds per week, bringing his monthly earnings to more over one million pounds.

How much does Kevin De Bruyne earn per week?

Erling Haaland has been linked with a move to Manchester City, according to Graeme Bailey of 90min. While the club is not looking to change their existing wage structure, the striker would become the club’s joint-highest earner, alongside Kevin De Bruyne, who earns approximately £385,000-per-week at the Etihad Stadium.

How De Bruyne negotiated his contract?

With the help of his father, attorney, and two members of his agency, RocNation, De Bruyne negotiated with the City of Manchester. However, he distinguished himself from other footballers in that he was the one who directed the negotiation rather than his team. All that his counselors were supposed to do was advise him and nothing else.

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What is Jack Grealish salary?

When Grealish signed for Manchester City for such a hefty cost, it was only logical that he be rewarded with a rich deal. His weekly wage at the club is 360,000 euros per week, with only Kevin de Bruyne earning more than him in the same period (420,000 euros).

What is Bruno Fernandes salary?

Salary Increase for Bruno Fernandes According to reports, Fernandes now earns approximately £240,000 per week, which equates to a salary of approximately £12.5 million per year. According to a recent report by L’Equipe, it is still less than the wages earned by Cristiano Ronaldo, David de Gea, Jadon Sancho, and Raphael Varane.

How much is Guardiola salary?

Nevertheless, a new agreement was reached, and his contract was extended until 2023. While there is no publicly available information on how much Guardiola makes, most estimates place his annual pay between £15 and £20 million. According to the Daily Express, his salaries are £385,000 per week, which may put him in a position where he is paid more than any of his players.

How much does MO Salah earn a week?

Salah’s estimated net worth is estimated to be about 88 million dollars as of February 2022. His previous contract with Liverpool was around 240 thousand euros per week, but according to rumors, he would make over 400 thousand euros per week under his new agreement, making him one of the highest-paid players in the Premier League and one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

What is Mohamed Salah salary?

Salah now makes £200,000 per week, according to Spotrac, making him the equal highest earner at Liverpool with Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Alcantara in terms of wages. However, there are 13 players in the Premier League who make more money than the free-scoring forward, making him the highest earner in the league.

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Who is the richest footballer in EPL?

It comes as no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid player in the Premier League, earning more than £100,000.

How much does Foden make weekly?

MANCHESTER CITY have announced that Phil Foden, who has been in blistering form since returning from injury, will remain at the club where he grew up. In accordance with the negotiations, if the deal is completed, he will remain at the Etihad until 2026 – and, in addition to the six-year extension, he would get a salary of £150,000 per week.

How much is mahrez salary?

With the signing of his new deal with Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez will be paid a hefty salary of 10.400. 000,00 pounds each year.

How much is Neymar weekly wages?

The numbers that come from breaking down Neymar’s earnings are mind-boggling. The $96 million he made last year is equivalent to $8 million each month and $1.85 million every week. That implies Neymar gets $265,000 every day and almost $11,000 each hour, for a total of $265,000.

How much does Guardiola earn a week?

According to the statistics, no other Premier League manager makes more than Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, who is estimated to earn £19 million each year. Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, is reportedly second in the company’s compensation structure, earning £16 million per year, or little more than £300,000 per week.

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