How Much Money Does David Beckham Make?

In 2017, David Beckham earned a total of $65 million (£48.9 million), according to The Richest. He has an estimated net worth of $450 million (£339 million), according to The Richest. According to The Sun, Beckham’s two primary businesses generated £71,000 a day in revenue last year.

How many followers does David Beckham have?

His 63 million Instagram followers put him in the top 40 most followed accounts in the world, ahead of celebrities like as Justin Timberlake, Ronaldinho, Gareth Bale, and Lady Gaga. Beckham does not have a Twitter account, although his wife Victoria has 12 million followers, and his son Cruz created a Twitter account in late 2016 to follow his father.

What charity work does David Beckham do?

What kind of charitable work does David Beckham participate in? Beckham has been involved with a variety of health-related efforts in disadvantaged regions of the globe, most notably in his capacity as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He established his own fund for the organization, which he titled ‘7,’ with the goal of raising money to support its operations.

Does David Beckham still work for Adidas?

Of course, the man who made the Adidas Predator boots famous continues to collaborate with the athletic gear company with which he was most closely linked during his playing days and has assisted in the creation of a number of new products. So, what kind of enterprises does David Beckham own?

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