How Tall Is Azpilicueta?

In terms of height and weight, Azpilicueta stands at 5 feet 1 inch and weighs around 65 kilograms. He has brown hair and green eyes, and he wears glasses. As of 2020, Cesar Azpilicueta is believed to have a net worth of around $10 million.

What is the meaning of Azpilicueta?

  • Tanco is the second family name in this Spanish surname.
  • The first surname is Azpilicueta, and the second surname is Tanco, which is the paternal surname.
  • He is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right-back or centre-back for Premier League club Chelsea, which he captained, as well as for the Spain national team.
  • He was born on August 28, 1989, in Madrid, and has played in the Premier League for the past three seasons.

How old is Cesar Azpilicueta?

Cesar Azpilicueta Tanco (Spanish pronunciation: ; born August 28, 1989) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a full back for Premier League club Chelsea and as a central defender for the Spain national team. He has played as a full back for Chelsea and as a central defender for the Spain national team.

How old is Alvaro Azpilicueta?

On May 11, 2010, senior team manager Vicente del Bosque nominated the 20-year-old Azpilicueta to a preliminary list of 30 players in preparation for the next FIFA World Cup in South Africa. In the end, he did not make it to the last round.

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Is Azpilicueta lining up life after football with his own esports team?

The article ‘Chelsea ‘manager’ Cesar Azpilicueta is preparing for life after football with the formation of his own esports squad’ was published in The date is May 20, 2020. Retrieved on the 15th of June, 2021.

Why do they call azpilicueta Dave?

‘Dave’ was simply adapted from the popular cockney television comedy Only Fools & Horses, and it has been in use ever since. According to his interview with The Guardian, the Chelsea players are unable to pronounce his surname, and as a result, they refer to him simply as Dave.

How many appearances does Azpilicueta have?

Petr ech is the first non-English player to have made more than 450 appearances for Chelsea, and he is presently sixth on the club’s all-time appearances list; he is the only player to have made more than 450 appearances for the club.

What is Azpilicueta nickname?

In the case of Chelsea supporters, you’ll understand why Cesar Azpilicueta is referred to as ″Dave.″ When he joined the club from Marseille in 2012, the Stamford Bridge fans found it difficult to get used to his long surname and consequently given him a more straightforward moniker.

Is Azpilicueta going to start in Spain?

Chelsea’s captain is preparing to take the field in a must-win game. Cesar Azpilicueta is expected to make his first appearance for Spain at Euro 2020 when they take on Slovakia on Wednesday. The Spaniards are desperate for big-game performers to assist them secure the victory that would ensure they qualify for the tournament.

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Does Dave play for Chelsea?

Cesar Azpilicueta has disclosed the origin of his nickname, ″Dave,″ in an interview with ESPN. As a result of his reportedly difficult-to-pronounce given name, the Chelsea full defender was given the strange moniker early in his Blues career.

Is Azpilicueta leaving Chelsea?

Azpilicueta is out of contract with Chelsea and is on his way out the door at the moment, with the West London club facing punishment from the United Kingdom government.

What year Azpilicueta came to Chelsea?

Cesar Azpilicueta joined the club from Marseille in August 2012, just weeks after representing Spain at the London Olympics. He quickly established himself as a first-choice right-back. His ability to contain opposing wingers instantly drew attention, as did his dependability in possession and his desire to participate in the team’s offensive efforts.

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