How Tall Is Rio Ferdinand?

Footballer Rio Ferdinand is a tall, athletic man with a chiseled physique structure. While he stands at a lofty 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) and weighs around 84 kilograms (185 lbs), his height and weight are in contrast. His eyes and hair are a dark brown tint, as is his skin.

How old is Rio Ferdinand now?

Rio Ferdinand is a footballer from England. Rio Gavin Ferdinand (born 7 November 1978) is an English former professional footballer who played as a centre defender. He is currently a television analyst for BT Sport and a former member of the England national football team.

How many times did Rio Ferdinand play for England?

Rio Gavin Ferdinand is a former professional footballer from England who played as a centre-back for his country’s national team. During his stint with the England national football team between 1997 and 2011, he appeared in 81 matches and was a member of three FIFA World Cup teams.

What happened to Rio Ferdinand’s wife?

‘Rio Ferdinand’s wife passes away following a cancer fight’ BBC News, May 2, 2015.Obtainable on the 2nd of May, 2015.Robert Mendick is a writer who lives in the United States (2 May 2015).

  • ‘Rio Ferdinand’s wife dies following a cancer fight,’ reports the media.
  • The Daily Telegraph is based in London.
  • Retrieved on the 30th of November, 2019.
  • Lisa Campbell is the author of this article (5 June 2017).
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Is Rio Ferdinand a Dr?

After receiving an honorary doctorate degree from London South Bank University, RIO FERDINAND can properly be referred to as ‘Doctor Ferdy.’ The 43-year-old Manchester United icon received the degree in recognition of his social activism efforts, which has focused on issues such as injustice, racism, and mental illness stigma.

Are Rio and Les Ferdinand related?

Ferdinand was born in the Greater London borough of Acton. He is the cousin of football players Rio and Anton Ferdinand, as well as Maidenhead United’s Kane Ferdinand, who all play for the club. Sir Les was the title of his autobiography, which was released in 1997.

Why did Rio Ferdinand retire?

During the speech, he paid respect to his late wife Rebecca Ellison, who passed away on May 1st after a long battle with breast cancer. Ferdinand made the following statement while announcing his retirement: ‘After 18 years as a professional player, I now believe it is the correct time for me to retire from the game that I adore.’

Who is Carly Storey?

″I was England captain Rio Ferdinand’s Dirty Secret for 13 years,″ Carly Storey, 32, told the Sunday Mirror in exchange for £16,000.″I was England captain Rio Ferdinand’s Dirty Secret for 13 years.″ The court heard today that she had revealed the alleged affair because of her ″emotional growth,″ but that she had failed to appear in court to provide evidence to back her allegations from the witness stand.

Has Les Ferdinand been knighted?

In yesterday’s honours list, the most well-known honorary knight in football was ‘downgraded’ to an MBE, thereby ending his reign as a knight. Les Ferdinand, popularly known as Sir Les during his illustrious footballing career that carried him from non-league Southall to 17 England appearances, has now been recognized for his contributions to the game.

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When was Rio Ferdinand’s last game?

I’d want to wish Roy (Hodgson) and the squad the best of luck in their upcoming competitions and matches. In June 2011, Ferdinand was left out of the England team for their Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland. He had not played for his country since then.

Is Rio Ferdinand left handed?

‘Left handed/right footed #poise!’ says Rio Ferdinand on Twitter. Twitter handle: ‘’

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