How To Do Ronaldo Celebration Fifa 18 Xbox One?

Follow the instructions in the table below to get the best celebrations when you score against your friends on the Xbox One or 360.


Celebration Instructions
Stir the Pot Hold LT, double tap Y
Workout Hold LT, double tap X


How do you do the Ronaldo celebration on FIFA 18?

More videos on YouTube Now, EA Sports has put Ronaldo’s “Siiiiii!” noise in FIFA 18, since he’s the cover star, but it sounds, well, awful. Here’s a goal I scored while playing as Real Madrid. To do the celebration, wheel off as you do, then press X on PlayStation 4 or A on Xbox One to do Ronaldo’s trademark finisher.

How do you do the Ronaldo SIII celebration?

In order to do Ronaldo’s famous “siiiiii” celebration you need to run, jump, turn in mid-air, then throw your hands down to the side when you land.

How do you do Ronaldo celebration on FIFA 20 with other players?

If the player you have just scored with has their own signature celebration (such as Ronaldo with his ‘Siii’ celebration, which you can now do with two players at once), pressing A on Xbox and X on PlayStation will have them do that move.

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What does Ronaldo say when he score?

Having jogged towards the edge of the pitch, he’ll jump, spin 180° while in the air, and – on landing – flail his arms out by his sides. Usually, this is accompanied by him shouting something, almost always “Sí!” (Spanish for “yes”). We’ve all seen it plenty of times. It’s even made it on to Fifa, for heaven’s sake.

How do you unlock pro unlockable celebrations on FIFA 18?

Pro Unlockables Some of the celebrations can only be unlocked through playing Pro Clubs or Player Career. You can then unlock them in the EAFC catalogue.

Does Ronaldo always wear long sleeves?

And that’s because for around the last decade, Cristiano Ronaldo has worn nothing but his now signature long-sleeves. Through most of his time with Manchester United and then Real Madrid, the Portuguese star has stuck to this – except for a few rare occasions.

What language does Ronaldo speak?

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 21 is 35 years old and has 5* skills and 4* weakfoot, and is Right footed. Cristiano Ronaldo’s price on the xbox market is 93,000 coins (1 month ago), playstation is 90,000 coins (1 month ago) and pc is 120,000 coins (1 month ago).

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