Quick Answer: What Is Cristiano Ronaldo Motto?

To Be The Best You Need The Best.” “If you think you’re perfect already, then you never will be.”

Who is the inspiration of CR7?

Both his parents inspired him to play football. His father, José Dinis Aveiro introduced his son to football and inspired him to play. Also his mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro inspired him to give his best in football by supporting his decision to drop out of school and to focus solely on playing football.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo scared of?

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that his biggest fear is to die a young man. The 30-year-old Real Madrid superstar is regarded as one of the greatest football players on the planet, but his global status does not prevent doubts regarding his own mortality. “My biggest fear is to die young. I don’t want to die young.

What disease does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Ronaldo was diagnosed with Tachycardia, which meant his heart would beat irregularly and, even when resting, would be racing. In order to save his career, he had to undergo heart surgery. “They used a sort of laser to cauterise the source of the problem.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s best friend?

Popularly known as CR7, he plays for Italian Club Juventus and represents the national side of Portugal. Every person needs a close friend and the same is with Ronaldo. Have you ever wondered Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s best friend? Well the answer is Ricky Regufe.

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Why is Ronaldo so stiff?

The speedy winger fought a sore knee for much of the season, spending long hours with the Real Madrid medical staff. The condition has complicated, though, with reports saying that Ronaldo is now dealing with tendinosis, not tendinitis. Tendinosis can indeed produce pain, stiffness and swelling in a tendon.

Who is Messi’s best friend?

Luis Suarez Talks About ‘MSN’, Reveals Leo Messi Is His Best Friend at Barcelona.

Who is Neymar best friend?

Brazilian forward, Neymar has welcomed his best pal, Lionel Messi to PSG.

Is Marcelo friends with Ronaldo?

Ronaldo and Marcelo shared a dressing room for nine years at Madrid before Ronaldo’s exit, striking up a close friendship that hey maintain to this day. During those glory years together, the pair won four Champions League titles, two LaLiga titles, two Copas del Rey and three FIFA Club World Cups.

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