Readers ask: How Did Ronaldo Mouchawar Start His Website?

“We launched Souq as an open marketplace; [it was] a very simple listings site till about 2009,” Mouchawar says. “That’s how the business was.” Launched as a part of the Arabic web portal Maktoob. com, Souq had a number of verticals on it which included everything from online auctions to real estate classifieds.

How did Souq start?

We launched as an auction website, along the lines of eBay, and then diversified into automobile and real estate classified verticals. The website took off almost at once, and we expanded our operations into Saudi Arabia. We would have to make Souq an app business rather than just a website.

Who is owner of Souq com? is an English-Arabic language e-commerce platform, owned by Amazon, Inc. It is the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world. On March 28, 2017, Inc. confirmed it would be acquiring for $580 million.

Who started Souq?

Career. Mouchawar co- founded in 2005 alongside Jabbar, Internet Group’s Samih Toukan, and Hussam Khoury. He added products from fashion to electronics and homeware and the site became the largest e-commerce retailer in the Arab world.

Who is the CEO of to Souq?


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Where was souq founded?

Amazon strengthened its foothold in the Middle East in 2017 with its $586 million acquisition of, a large and trusted existing e-commerce marketplace with operations in several Gulf states including Saudi Arabia and UAE. In May, the company rebranded as

When did Amazon launch in Saudi Arabia?

Amazon launched its Prime service in Saudi Arabia in January. Last June it rebranded, a regional competitor it acquired in 2017, as The company didn’t immediately comment further on its Saudi business.

What is a souq?

: a marketplace in northern Africa or the Middle East also: a stall in such a marketplace.

When was souq founded?

Amazon completes its acquisition of Middle Eastern e-commerce firm Souq. Together with Amazon, our goal is to offer our customers the widest product selection, great prices, improved delivery times and first-rate customer service,” CEO and co-founder Ronaldo Mouchawar said in a statement.

When did Amazon bought Souq?

On March 28th 2017, (Amazon) entered the Middle East market by confirming that it had acquired (Souq), an e-Commerce marketplace, which called itself ‘the Amazon of the Middle East’.

Who is the owner of sell any car?

Saygin Yalcin – Founder & CEO – | LinkedIn.

Who is Faraz Khalid?

Faraz Khalid is the Chief Executive Officer of Noon, the $1 billion joint venture between Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and a group of prominent Gulf investors. He is the former Co-founder and Managing Director of Namshi, the Middle East’s leading fashion online retailer.

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