What Does Dennis Bergkamp Do Now?

Dennis Bergkamp (born May 10, 1969) is a soccer player who is well-known across the world. He is presently based in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. From 1986 until 2006, he played as a striker for Ajax, Internazionale, and Arsenal before becoming assistant manager for Frank de Boer at Ajax in 2011. Dennis Bergkamp was born in the Year of the Rooster, and he is a Taurus by birth sign.

In 2010, he announced his retirement from professional football.Following his retirement, he took up the position of Director of Football (DOF) at Corinthians.A member of Carlos Queiroz’s Iran national team coaching staff for the 2014 World Cup, he also played for the Iranian national team.He has been working as the technical director of the Arsenal senior team since January of this year.

Is Dennis Bergkamp a coach?

A coaching overhaul led by General Manager Edwin van der Sar and Technical Director Marc Overmars resulted in his dismissal in December 2017, following a string of disappointing outcomes on the field. Dennis Bergkamp’s Premier League statistics are available here.

Nationality Dutch
Position Forward
Appearances 315
Goals 87
Yellow Cards 40
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How did Bergkamp get to USA 94?

Dennis Bergkamp was forced to give up flying for the rest of his life after his engine failed on a journey to the USA 94 World Cup. Lee Dixon, a former Arsenal teammate, stated that the event had left the Holland international fearful of taking to the air again.

Why did Dennis Bergkamp retire?

The Netherlands lost 3–1 on penalties against Italy in the semi-finals of the World Cup.Following the defeat, Bergkamp declared his retirement from international football, stating that he wanted to concentrate on his club career rather than his country.Patrick Kluivert surpassed his final goal count of 37 goals in 79 appearances in June 2003, to become the all-time leading scorer in the NHL.

What team is Bergkamp on?

Dennis Bergkamp (born 10 May 1969) is a former Dutch footballer who played for Ajax.Erwin has captained the Netherlands national team as well as Ajax and Inter Milan in his career.For the moment, he is working as a strikers coach at Ajax.Bergkamp was named to the FIFA 100, a list of the 125 greatest live footballers compiled by Brazilian retired footballer Pelé, which included 125 of the world’s top players.

Is Dennis Bergkamp a Tottenham fan?

″He stood out because of his technique: two feet, a delicate touch, and a very accurate touch,″ Bergkamp said in 2011 in an interview with Four Four Two. ″I wasn’t a Tottenham supporter; I was a Glenn Hoddle supporter.″

How much did Arsenal buy Henry for?

Arsenal agreed to recruit Thierry Henry from Juventus in the summer of 1999 for a reported £11 million, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Is Bergkamp still afraid of flying?

While Bergkamp has stated that he would never fly again, many others are seeking hypnotherapy training in order to overcome their anxieties and phobias, according to Bergkamp. Though he has’seen and done it all’ when it comes to flying, the Arsenal star has stated that he will never again board an aircraft, despite the numerous possibilities open to him.

Did Dennis Bergkamp play in a World Cup?

Bergkamp has admitted that the prospect of flying causes him to lose concentration during games, yet he had a strong showing at the 1994 World Cup, finishing as his country’s leading scorer and leading all scorers.

What number is Dennis Bergkamp Arsenal?

Assistant Manager

Season club
96/97 Arsenal FC 10
95/96 Arsenal FC 10
94/95 FC Internazionale 10
93/94 FC Internazionale 10

What age Bergkamp retire?

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal revealed yesterday that Dennis Bergkamp has announced his retirement from international football.Bergkamp had already announced his resignation from the national team.The 31-year-old Arsenal striker had already stated that he intended to retire after the Euro 2000 tournament, but Van Gaal had hoped to persuade him to reconsider his decision until he made a formal declaration.

What age did Bergkamp join Arsenal?

Bergkamp made his Arsenal debut on the opening day of the 1995/96 season, a 1-1 draw against Middlesbrough at Highbury on August 20, 1995, after coming from Inter Milan in June 1995. Bergkamp was 26 at the time of his debut. Bergkamp was the youngest player on the field for the last 20 minutes of the game, following Ray Parlour’s substitution from the starting lineup.

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How many goals did Dennis Bergkamp score for Arsenal?

Premier League Record

Appearances 315
Goals 87
Assists 94

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