What Is Petr Cech Role At Chelsea?

Petr ech (Czech pronunciation: (listen); born 20 May 1982) is a Czech professional footballer who presently works as a technical/performance adviser for English club Chelsea, as well as an emergency goalkeeper in the Premier League for the same team. He also played semi-professional ice hockey as a goalkeeper for the Guildford Phoenix, a semi-pro team in the United Kingdom.

The 39-year-old announced his retirement in January of this year, but Chelsea declared shortly after that the Czech had been appointed as their new Technical and Performance adviser. His responsibilities will include ″tight collaboration with Chelsea Director Marina Granovskaia.″

Why does Petr Cech want to be Chelsea’s technical director?

  1. For the newly retired goalie, a position as Chelsea’s technical director appeals to him since it is so different from his previous position as a goalkeeper.
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  4. Petr Cech’s work as technical director at Chelsea requires him to draw on all aspect of his footballing experience.
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Is Cech a Chelsea legend?

In an interview with the BBC, Petr Cech has admitted that playing games against Bayern Munich and Barcelona at Stamford Bridge made him feel ″excited.″ In 2012, the shot-stopper was on the field as Chelsea won their first Champions League championship since 1998. In an interview with Chelsea’s official club website, Cech reflected on some of his most memorable matches.

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Does Petr Cech play for Chelsea?

Cech announced his retirement as a player in 2019 following a storied playing career that included stops at Rennes, Chelsea, and, in his twilight, Arsenal. He took the decision before it was forced upon him, and he discovered that his ″thinking started to clear, that I had a new motivation, a new happiness″ after only a few months of doing so.

Why does Cech wear a helmet?

Following emergency surgery for a depressed skull fracture, the Arsenal goalkeeper has been obliged to wear a protective scrum hat to safeguard his head from being crushed. On that tragic day in October 2006, Cech was engaged in a horrifying incident in which he was accidently caught in the head by Reading’s Stephen Hunt’s knee while playing for the club.

How many goals did Petr Cech conceded at Chelsea?

Chelsea surrendered only 15 league goals in 38 games, in which Cech appeared in 35 of them, and Cech had 24 clean sheets.

How many clean sheets does Petr Cech have?

Petr ech has 202 Clean Sheets to his credit.

Is Petr Cech a triplet?

Petr ech was born as the third of three children to father Václav ech and mother Libue echová, which resulted in his having a weak skull. They were both former athletes who had retired. Prior to becoming a professional athlete, he was a young actor who appeared in the Czech television series The Territory of White Deer from 1991 to 1993, as Honza, the main character.

How many Golden Gloves does Petr Cech have?

During his streak, Van der Sar went 1,311 minutes without allowing a goal to enter the net.

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Premier League Golden Glove
Most awards Petr Čech and Joe Hart (4)
Most consecutive wins 3 (Pepe Reina, Joe Hart)
Most number of clean sheets 24 (Petr Čech; 2004–05)

Who break Cech head?

And then, 15 seconds into the game, Stephen Hunt, Reading’s mercurial midfielder, collided with Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, who was sent to the ground. Hunt and Reading were ″eager to make their case,″ as Hunt put it. Hunt ″very correctly″ ran in an effort to connect with a long ball that had been sent over the heads of the Chelsea defense by the opposing team.

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