What Number Was Jamie Carragher?

Jamie Carragher (soccer player) was born on the 28th of January, 1978, in Manchester, United Kingdom. He was born in the 1970s, making him a member of Generation X. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and the number 9 represents his life path.

What is Jamie Carragher’s age?

A defender for Premier League club Liverpool for 17 years, James Lee Duncan Carragher (/kaerr/; born 28 January 1978) is an English retired footballer who played as a defender for the club during his 17-year professional career.

What is Jamie Carragher’s record at Liverpool?

Dedicated to Liverpool, he served as the club’s vice captain for a decade and is the club’s second-longest serving player, having made his 737th appearance for the club in all competitions on May 19, 2013, marking his ten-year anniversary as vice captain. With 149 games in European play for Liverpool, Carragher also holds the record for the most appearances in the club’s history.

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What is the ISBN number for Jamie Carragher’s profile?

P. 109. ISBN 1-85291-665-6. Published by Queen Anne Press. ‘Jamie Carragher’s Personal Profile’. Eurosport.com. Retrieved on the 30th of November, 2010. ‘Liverpool F.C. Profile’ is a football club based in Liverpool, England.

What happened to Jamie Carragher in 2010?

Darren Carragher scored his seventh own goal in the Premier League on the 24th of October, 2010. After a few weeks, Carragher suffered a dislocated shoulder while playing for Liverpool in a 2–1 loss to Tottenham Hotspur. It was his 450th Premier League appearance for the club.

Why did FIFA remove Jamie Carragher?

Carragher suffered two significant injuries between 2002 and 2004, missing the 2002 FIFA World Cup due to a knee operation and then suffering a fractured leg as a result of a tackle by Blackburn Rovers’ Lucas Neill at Ewood Park in September 2003.

What number did Robbie Fowler wear for Liverpool?

Robbie Fowler has autographed the number 9 jersey for Liverpool.

What year did Jamie Carragher win the Champions League?

Carragher was quickly dubbed ″the most underappreciated defender in the country,″ in part because of his exploits in helping Liverpool win the Champions League in 2005, among other things. It is this picture of him fainting with cramp after yet another last-ditch interception that has become one of the club’s most memorable images from the club’s great night in Istanbul.

How long did Jamie Carragher play for Liverpool?

From 1996 until 2013, Carragher was a defender with Liverpool Football Club, where he spent the most of his career. Carragher was born on January 28, 1978, in Liverpool, England. After making his first appearance for the club as an 18-year-old in 1997, he has gone on to make 737 appearances for the club, placing him second only to Ian Callaghan in the club’s appearance statistics.

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Does Jamie Carragher own Carragher’s bar?

Brian Mclaughlin runs Carragher’s in Times Square, which debuted last year, as well as four other Irish American bars in New York – one on the West side, one on the East side, and three in the Financial District. Mclaughlin is a diehard Reds supporter.

Was Gary Neville good?

As a result of his well-researched and objective analysis, Neville has established himself as one of the most respected football pundits on British television, with Gary Lineker admitting that he would like to collaborate with Neville on Match of the Day and Des Lynam praising his transition from player to pundit.

What was Gerrard shirt number?

Liverpool F.C. / Midfielder (No. 8). England national football team / Midfielder, 4th appearance Midfielder for the LA Galaxy (No. 8)

What number is Jamie Redknapp Liverpool?

Jamie Redknapp

Season club
95/96 Liverpool FC 11
95/96 Liverpool FC 15
94/95 Liverpool FC 15
93/94 Liverpool FC 15

How many England caps did Jamie Carragher?

Jamie Carragher has 38 caps for England (0 Goals)

How many own goals has Jamie Carragher scored?

Jamie Carragher – 7 Carragher also has the very unwelcome distinction of having scored the most own goals in a game, netting two against arch rivals Manchester United in 1999.

How many goals did Steven Gerrard score for Liverpool?

Through his time at the club, he has made over 700 appearances and scored more than 150 goals throughout his time there. The fact that Gerrard is a ‘local kid’, having been born on Merseyside, and the fact that he has achieved these exploits have led to Gerrard being hailed as one of Liverpool’s greatest footballing idols.

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