What Team Did David Beckham Play For?

David Beckham

Youth career
1992–2003 Manchester United 265
1994–1995 → Preston North End (loan) 5
2003–2007 Real Madrid 116
2007–2012 LA Galaxy 98

Who is David Beckham?

David Robert Joseph Beckham’s full name is David Robert Joseph Beckham.Date of birth: May 2, 1975: Date of birth: Birthplace: London, United Kingdom Age: 45 years: 1.833 m in height: Citizenship in the United Kingdom: Position: right midfielder in the middle of the pitch In the middle of the field: Left foot: Right foot: Left foot: Right foot: CAA Sports is the player’s agency.Club of which you are currently a member: Retired: Date of joining: July 1, 2013: Contract ends on the following dates:-

Who was David Beckham’s last club?

David Beckham is a former English footballer who played in the Premier League. Last club: Paris Saint-Germain * Born on May 2, 1975 in London, England, as a right midfielder

What team did David Beckham last play for?

David Beckham played his final match of his professional career on May 18, 2013, in a Ligue 1 encounter for Paris Saint-Germain. David Beckham, one of the greatest English players to ever play the game, spent the final six months of his professional career at Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-German (PSG). Beckham was named FIFA’s World Player of the Year in 2008.

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What team did David Beckham play for first?

As a child, David Beckham was a natural soccer player who began playing for Manchester United, England’s illustrious soccer team, at the age of eighteen and was a starter by the time he was twenty-one. A five-year, $250 million contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy was signed by him in 2007.

How many clubs did David Beckham played for?

A former England international, he played for six different clubs, including Manchester United and Preston North End. He also represented his country at the international level for Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as the England national team, for which he held the record for most appearances by an outfield player until Wayne Rooney passed him in 2016.

How did Beckham become famous?

After scoring a goal from the halfway line in August 1996, Beckham gained national recognition for achieving what is essentially the equivalent of a golfer’s hole-in-one achievement. After winning the Premier League title the next season, Manchester United was awarded the Young Player of the Year award, which went to Beckham.

What team does David Beckham play for in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 Icon | England | Icons | International Football Association (FIFA).

Did Beckham play for Tottenham?

As a youth, Beckham was a member of Tottenham’s School of Excellence for four years, during which time he also played for local sides Ridgeway Rovers – which eventually became Harry Kane’s squad – and Brimsdown Rovers, among others.

Did Beckham play for Arsenal?

Beckham came to Arsenal for a second time in January 2013, following his departure from the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2012 with two MLS Cup championship medals.

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Does Beckham still play football?

David Beckham, a former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and England great, now owns his own football team, the David Beckham Galaxy. This summer, the former midfielder will establish a squad in Miami, Florida. They’ll participate in Major League Soccer in the United States, where they may come up against another of Beckham’s former clubs, the Los Angeles Galaxy, in the playoffs.

What team is David Beckham most famous for?

Probably the most well-known aspect of David’s life is his stint as a Manchester United football player. Beginning with the 1995-1996 season and continuing over the next eight seasons, he made a lot of appearances and played a significant part for their squad. During the period, Manchester United won a total of six Premier League titles.

Why did Beckham retire?

And it was during a two-leg Champions League match against Barcelona in 2012-13 that Beckham realized it was time to give up his boots, owing to a certain Mr Messi. Beckham famously admitted, ‘I think I made the decision to quit when Messi ran by me.’

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