What Team Does David Beckham Play For In Fifa 12?


Name David Beckham
Club Los Angeles Galaxy
Nation England
League MLS
Skills 2

Is David Beckham Coming back to FIFA?

  • EA Sports stated on Wednesday that David Beckham would return to the FIFA video game series, after reaching an agreement with the Manchester United star to bring him on board for an extended period of time.
  • A statement from the corporation praised Beckham’s efforts on and off the field during a spectacular career that saw the former England captain win league titles in four different nations during his time as captain of the national team.

What football team did David Beckham play for?

He was a member of a local youth team known as Ridgeway Rovers, which was coached by his father, Stuart Underwood, and Steve Kirby, who were both his teammates. In 1986, Beckham served as the mascot for Manchester United during a match against West Ham United.

How many appearances did David Beckham make in the World Cup?

  • Beckham made his international football debut for England on September 1, 1996, when he was just 21 years old.
  • He served as captain for six years, during which time he earned a total of 58 caps.
  • In his professional career, he made 115 appearances, including three FIFA World Cup competitions (in 1998, 2002 and 2006), two UEFA European Championship tournaments (in 2000 and 2004), and one UEFA European Under-21 Championship tournament (in 2000).
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What position did David Beckham play in the 1999 Champions League final?

Beckham started in center midfield for Manchester United in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final victory against Bayern Munich, as first-team centre-midfielders Paul Scholes and Roy Keane were both banned for the game.

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