When Did Eden Hazard Join Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard

Personal information
2007–2008 Lille B (1)
2007–2012 Lille (36)
2012–2019 Chelsea (85)
2019– Real Madrid (4)

What team is Eden Hazard on 2022?

Stats overview

Comp Competition Team Appearances Starting 11 11
PRI Primera División RMA Real Madrid CF 17 7
COP Copa del Rey RMA Real Madrid CF 2 1
UEF UEFA Champions League RMA Real Madrid CF 3 1

Who sold Hazard to Real Madrid?

The 13th of June, 2019. ″Real Madrid has signed Eden Hazard from Chelsea for a reported sum of more than 100 million euros.″

How long is Eden Hazard contract at Real Madrid?

Stats are effective. Hazard signed a five-year deal with Real Madrid in 2019, signing for a speculated initial cost of little more than €100 million following seven years of success at Chelsea.

How many goals Eden Hazard scored for Real Madrid?

Stats by club

Total : 1
Chelsea FC 352 26.966′
LOSC Lille 194 13.752′
Real Madrid 65 3.318′

How much was Eden Hazard sold to Real Madrid?

Hazard, 30, joined Real Madrid from Chelsea in 2019 for a reported €100 million transfer fee, which may increase to €146.1 million if add-ons are included. However, it is fair to say that, after winning the Premier League and the Europa League twice with Chelsea, his time in Spain has been a complete and utter disappointment. Injuries have plagued Hazard for quite some time.

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How much did Chelsea buy Hazard from Lille?

Eden Hazard has confirmed that he will be joining Chelsea in the near future. The 21-year-old Lille playmaker will join the freshly crowned European champions for £32 million on a five-year deal earning £100,000 a week after tax, with the club paying him £100,000 a week after tax.

How much did Chelsea get for Eden Hazard?

Real paid Chelsea an initial £89 million for Hazard in 2019, plus add-ons, but they would not be able to reclaim the whole amount if they sold the Belgian international in the near future.

What happened to Hazard at Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard will be undergoing surgery in the following days, according to Real Madrid’s statement. With the release of a club statement, Real Madrid revealed that Eden Hazard would be undergoing surgery in the coming days. The Belgian will have to undergo surgery owing to an injury to his right fibula, which will put an end to his aspirations of seeing more playing time in the future.

Is T Hazard related to Eden Hazard?

Belgian footballer Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard (born March 29, 1993), also known as Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard (born March 29, 1993), is an offensive midfielder and winger for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the Belgian national team. In addition to being Eden’s younger brother, he is also the older brother of Kylian Hazard.

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