When Did Luis Suarez Leave Liverpool?

Despite the fact that some claim he practically single-handedly propelled Liverpool to the Premier League, Luis Suarez left his loving supporters on Merseyside for the sunshine of Catalonia in 2014.

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez claims he wanted to quit the Reds and join Arsenal in 2013 because he didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity to play in the Champions League. The Uruguayan international joined the Reds in 2011 and remained with them for three years before joining Barcelona on a free transfer.

Who is Liverpool FC legend Luis Suarez?

Suarez, the Premier League’s leading scorer last season and winner of the PFA and Football Writers’ Player of the Year awards, joined Liverpool from Ajax in 2011 for a fee of £22.7 million and has four years remaining on his deal.

Why has Luis Suarez moved to Barcelona?

Suarez, the Premier League’s leading scorer last season and winner of the PFA and Football Writers’ Player of the Year awards, joined Liverpool from Ajax in 2011 for £22.7 million and had four years left on his contract.Suarez was also the club’s captain.Suarez has stated that he and his family would ‘always remain Liverpool supporters’ in the future.

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He will be closer to his wife Sofia’s family as a result of the relocation to Barcelona.

What does Suarez’s exit mean for Liverpool?

Aside from scoring 82 goals in 133 games, Suarez departs Liverpool with two suspensions – he was handed an eight-game suspension in for racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra – and two red cards. Last summer, he attempted to force a transfer away, causing Arsenal to make an ill-fated £40,000,001 offer to trigger a release clause in his contract.

When did Luis Suarez score 30 goals in a season?

Luis Suarez of Liverpool FC becomes the first Reds player since Rush to score 30 league goals in a season, according to ESPN on March 30, 2014. The Liverpool Echo published an article on April 20th, 2014.

How long did Suarez play for Liverpool?

Luis Suárez

Personal information
2006–2007 Groningen (10)
2007–2011 Ajax (81)
2011–2014 Liverpool (69)
2014–2020 Barcelona (147)

When did Suarez go to Liverpool?

Luis Suarez
Position Forward
Liverpool statistics
Years 2011-2014
Appearances 133

Did Luis Suarez play in Liverpool?

Luis Suarez is widely considered as one of the greatest strikers to have ever represented Liverpool, making his replacement an uphill task from the start. Immediately following the sale of Suarez to Barcelona, Liverpool re-invested the proceeds and added not one, but nine new players to their squad in the summer of 2014.

How many trophies did Suarez win during his time at Liverpool?

#9 Luis Suárez

Titles and season
1x Second highest goal scorer
12/13 Liverpool FC – 23 Goals
1x English League Cup winner
2012 Liverpool FC
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What team is Suarez playing for 2022?

Stats overview

Comp Competition Team Appearances Minutes played
PRI Primera División ATM Club Atlético de Madrid 32 1755
COP Copa del Rey ATM Club Atlético de Madrid 2 92
SUP Super Cup ATM Club Atlético de Madrid 1 19

When did Gerrard leave Liverpool?

Gerrard never played a game for Liverpool under Klopp. He left Liverpool in the summer of 2015 after 710 games for his childhood club, during which he won the Champions League, two FA Cups, three League Cups and the UEFA Cup. He went on to play for the LA Galaxy of Major League Soccer before returning to Liverpool in the summer of 2016.

Who brought Luis Suarez to Liverpool?

For three and a half years, he wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool. The Uruguayan attacker joined the Reds from Dutch club Ajax on deadline day in January 2011, being the first significant move supervised by Reds icon Kenny Dalglish since his return to the bench in the summer of 2010.

How long was Torres at Liverpool?

Fernando José Torres Sanz (born March 20, 1984) is a retired Spanish footballer who played for Liverpool for three and a half seasons between 2007 and 2011. He was named to the Spanish national team in 2007. During that period, he made 102 appearances and scored 65 goals in the league.

What did Suarez do at Liverpool?

An independent regulatory tribunal found Liverpool’s Luis Suarez guilty of racially insulting Manchester United’s Patrice Evra and sentenced him to an eight-game suspension and a £40,000 fine by the Football Association yesterday.

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Who has more goals Suarez or Benzema?

Suarez has a higher goal-scoring record than Benzema, according to his entire career statistics, which puts him miles ahead of the Frenchman. As a former teammate of Messi and Neymar, he was also awarded the golden boot in 2015 after scoring 40 goals in a single season alongside them. Throughout his career, he has been the leading scorer in the Premier League, La Liga, and the Eredivisie.

How many trophies did Messi won?

Titles Awarded to Lionel Messi The current PSG player has 39 trophies to his name. The great majority of them, 35 to be exact, were won when he was a member of the Barcelona team (2004-2021). Additionally, he has three international trophies with the Argentine national team, with his most recent trophy being the Ligue 1 championship that he earned while playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

Who is better Suarez or Lewandowski?

Fact: Both players have scored more than 500 goals in their careers. Suarez has scored 440 goals in his club career to date and 504 goals in total, including his international goals. In 123 matches for Uruguay, he has scored 64 goals with the national team. In addition to his 70 goals for Poland, Lewandowski has 493 goals for his club.

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