When Did Sol Campbell Take Over Macclesfield?

  1. Sol Campbell has resigned from his position as manager of League Two club Macclesfield Town by mutual consent after eight months in charge.
  2. The 44-year-old former England defender took over as manager of the Silkmen in November 2018, when they were rooted to the bottom of League Two.
  3. Campbell was able to keep them in the English Football League as a result of a run of only two losses in their last ten matches.

The Macclesfield Town manager, Campbell, was hired in November 2018 but departed the club by mutual consent in August of this year. In October, he was appointed as manager of Southend United, which was also the subject of a winding-up petition on Wednesday. Barrister Sam Hodge, who represented Macclesfield, spoke about the difficulty he had with money transactions.

How old is Sol Campbell Macclesfield?

Sol Campbell is a fictional character created by author Robert Heinlein in the 1960s. Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell (born 18 September 1974) is an English professional football manager and former player who most recently served as the manager of League Two club Macclesfield Town from November 2018 to August 2019. He was previously the manager of League One club Chesterfield.

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When did Sol Campbell rejoin Arsenal Football Club?

‘Sol Campbell has returned to Arsenal Football Club,’ says the newspaper. Arsenal F.C. played on January 16, 2010. The original version of this article was published on January 19, 2010. Retrieved on the 19th of April, 2010. Fifield and Donimic are two names that come to mind (17 February 2010).

What has happened to Macclesfield FC?

On Wednesday, Judge Catherine Addy was informed that Macclesfield owed a ″quite considerable″ sum of tax, and that Campbell owed more than £180,000 to the government. Tax officials have requested that the club be wound up, and Campbell, who is currently the manager of Southend United, has backed that request, according to attorneys who spoke to Addy.

Who owned Macclesfield?

Local businessman Rob Smethurst purchased the club and began the process of transforming it into Macclesfield FC, which now boasts a 3G pitch, a new stand, a two-story gym, a bar that acts as a community centre, as well as a completely reconstructed first squad.

Does Macclesfield Town still exist?

Macclesfield Town, which was founded in 1874, was liquidated and ejected from the National League in 2020 as a result of debts totaling more than £500,000. The company’s assets, including the Moss Rose stadium, were placed up for sale on the Rightmove property listing website.

Has Macclesfield Town been sold?

The Official Receiver stated on October 13, 2020, that the assets of Macclesfield Town had been transferred to Macc Football Club Limited. The sale was completed on October 13, 2020.

Why has Macclesfield been expelled?

Macclesfield Town has been relegated to the National League after being removed from the competition. The club was forced to close by the High Court in September due to outstanding debts of more than £500,000 that had accumulated. Now, a resolution of expulsion has been enacted, and it will take effect on October 12.

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Did Macclesfield get promoted?

After winning the North West Counties Premier Division title in their maiden season, Macclesfield FC has advanced to the Championship. In September 2020, the High Court ordered the dissolution of the old Macclesfield Town Football Club, and the assets were acquired by local businessman Robert Smethurst the following month.

How old is Macclesfield?

A borough charter for Macclesfield was issued in the early 13th century by Ranulf de Blondeville, Earl of Chester. A second charter, granted by the future King Edward I in 1261, allowed for the establishment of a market, fair, and judicial court for the town.

How much did Macclesfield Football Club sell for?

Robert Smethurst, a businessman from Macclesfield who was born and raised in the town, told BBC Sport this week that he was out with friends having a few drinks when he first learned that Macclesfield Town FC was for sale on Rightmove for the sum of £500,000. The fact that it was on Rightmove surprised me.

Who owns Stockport Town FC?

Stockport Town, a semi-professional football team participating in the North West Counties League, is owned by Pro Football Academy, which is situated at Stockport Sports Village. Pro Football Academy is based at Stockport Sports Village.

Who owns Moss Rose football ground?

The stadium is located on the west side of the A523 London Road, one mile (1.6 kilometers) south of the town center. Cheshire East Council has currently set a limit of 4,720 people for the building’s capacity. Moss Rose is a kind of rose.

Public transit Macclesfield (1.2mi)
Owner Macc Football Club Limited
Operator Macclesfield F.C.
Capacity 4,720 (2,095 seated)
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When did Macclesfield get relegated?

11 August 2020: Following the EFL’s successful appeal, the suspended four-point punishment is applied immediately, and Macclesfield Town are demoted.

Why are Macclesfield not playing?

Following its dissolution by the High Court, Macclesfield Town have been ejected from the National League and are no longer eligible to compete. The Silkmen’s expulsion comes just 13 days after the Insolvency and Companies Court was informed that the club owed more than £500,000 in arrears, and just four days before the start of the National League season.

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