When Is Eden Hazard Coming Back From Injury?

According to the club’s schedule, Eden Hazard, who is now out with fellow forward Karim Benzema, will return to action in the first or second week of March, depending on how quickly he recovers from his injury.Fortunately for the Real Madrid manager, he has a wealth of alternatives in the wide areas, including players such as Vinicius Junior, Isco, and Marco Asensio, who are all capable of scoring goals.

What’s happened to Eden Hazard?

Real Madrid’s Belgian star has been snakebitten on more than one occasion since joining from Chelsea, and the Spanish giant’s succession plan for Cristiano Ronaldo has been engulfed in flames as a result. Eden Hazard returned to action on Saturday, coming off the bench against Elche and playing the final 15 minutes, marking his first appearance in six weeks.

How does Eden Hazard’s injury impact Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has suffered a major setback just days before the team’s most important week of the season. Eden Hazard suffered an injury during Saturday’s heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Levante, and it’s one that will keep him out of the next two crucial matches, as well as the remainder of the club season. Hazard has been diagnosed with an ankle fracture, according to the club.

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Should Eden Hazard leave Real Madrid and move back to Chelsea?

Hazard has been plagued by injuries since his arrival in Madrid, but would he really want to leave and return to Chelsea after two injury-plagued seasons in which he has only managed four goals in 35 appearances for the Spanish giants? The 30-year-old is unlikely to give up so simply, especially if Zinedine Zidane, his boyhood hero, continues in command of Los Blancos in the coming months.

What happened between Eden Hazard and Jose Mourinho?

While managing Chelsea, Rafa Benitez grew enraged at Hazard’s reluctance to track back after a foul was committed against him.José Mourinho had a tense relationship with the Belgian, whom he tried unsuccessfully to compel to put in more effort on the field.Despite the fact that there were definitely periods of chilly relations, Hazard sent a message of apology to Mourinho after he was fired.

Is Eden Hazard back from injury?

Eden Hazard’s return to Real Madrid training following an ankle injury has been confirmed. Eden Hazard has returned to Real Madrid training after a lengthy injury absence, according to reports.

Will Hazard come back to Chelsea FC?

According to sources, the possibility of Eden Hazard returning to Chelsea was discussed with Real Madrid before Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the United Kingdom Government. The Belgian attacker completed his transfer to the Spanish capital in June of this year, signing a contract that would keep him at the Bernabeu until at least 2024.

What injury does Hazard have?

Hazard’s right leg was immobilized with a metal plate in March 2020 after he sprained it while playing football. According to a brief statement released by Real Madrid, ‘our player, Eden Hazard, will be undergoing surgery in the coming days to remove the osteosynthesis plate in his right fibula.″ Hazard is most recognized for his achievements while playing for Chelsea.

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How many days has Hazard been injured?

#7 Eden Hazard

Season Injury Days
20/21 Muscle Injury 30 days
20/21 Corona virus 13 days
20/21 Muscle Injury 27 days
20/21 Knock 27 days

Is Hazard injured 2022?

Eden Hazard, a Real Madrid striker, will have surgery to remove a metal plate from his right ankle, which will prevent him from participating in the last stretch of the season. Los Blancos have not said how long Hazard will be out injured, but according to ESPN, it is expected that he will return before the conclusion of the season.

Is Hazard coming back to Chelsea 2022?

Hazard may not be a favorite of Carlo Ancelotti’s, but the Italian manager has stated that the Belgian international is a part of his plans for the 2022-23 season. This month, he stated clearly at a news conference that Eden Hazard was ″in our plans for next season,″ leaving many Chelsea supporters surely upset.

Is Eden Hazard still in Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard’s brother has stated that the Belgian star intends to see out the remainder of his Real Madrid deal, which runs until 2024. As a result of injuries and a deterioration in form, Hazard has struggled to make an impression for Real Madrid during his first three seasons in the country.

Is Hazard leaving Real Madrid?

Hazard, who is widely regarded as Real Madrid’s worst signing in history, is still under contract with the club until the summer of 2024. However, if he is actually interested in leaving Madrid, the club will almost certainly accept any offer they receive knowing that they will be able to remove his contract off the books, according to a club source who spoke to Managing Madrid.

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How many times has Eden Hazard been injured?

Hazard has failed to get consistent playing time this season due to his injury history, appearing in only 22 games across all competitions. Only eight of those have gotten off to a good start (seven in La Liga, one in the Copa Del Rey).

How many games has Eden Hazard missed for Real Madrid?

He has missed a total of 45 league games throughout his time with Real Madrid.

How many games did Hazard play for Real Madrid?

Stats overview

Comp Competition Team Appearances Minutes played
COP Copa del Rey RMA Real Madrid CF 2 108
UEF UEFA Champions League RMA Real Madrid CF 3 83
Total 22 878

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