When Will Sergio Aguero Play For Barcelona?

The Argentine striker arrived to Barca in the summer of 2021 on a free transfer following his departure from Manchester City, and there was a lot of anticipation for him following his arrival.

Why did Aguero retire from football?

Following a recent diagnosis of a heart arrhythmia, Barcelona striker Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero announced his retirement from football on Wednesday. Aguero is 33 years old and has played for the club since 2011.

What’s wrong with Sergio Aguero?

Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Alaves in October resulted in Aguero being brought to the hospital after he complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing during the game. This was the first time Aguero had had major medical problems.

Is Sergio Aguero the greatest striker of the 21st century?

Despite the fact that Aguero’s time at Barcelona has not gone according to plan, there can be no dispute about his standing as one of the most talented attackers of the twenty-first century. After beginning his career with Independiente in Argentina, he went on to play at Atletico Madrid, where he won the Europa League in 2010 and scored 101 goals in 234 games, including the final.

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What’s going on with Aguero?

Aguero suffered a significant calf injury in training after attending Messi’s goodbye party, and he will be sidelined for at least 10 weeks as a result of the injury. At the very least, it will give Barcelona some breathing room to straighten out the problem they have created for themselves before attempting to put the former Manchester City striker on their books.

Why is Aguero not playing in Barça?

Barcelona’s newest addition As a result of the discovery that he is suffering from cardiac Arrhythmia, Sergio Aguero will miss three months of the current La Liga season. Sergio Aguero’s Barcelona career has not gotten off to the best of starts, as the Argentina striker has been sidelined with an injury that has kept him out of the first few games.

Will Sergio Aguero play for Barcelona?

During FC Barcelona’s 3-1 victory over Valencia at Camp Nou on Sunday, striker Sergio Agüero made his first appearance for the club in an official capacity.

What team does Aguero play for 2021?

Sergio Agüero

Personal information
2011–2021 Manchester City (184)
2021 Barcelona (1)
Total (282)
National team

How long is Sergio Aguero out for?

Barcelona has confirmed that Sergio Agüero would be out of action for three months after completing a ″cardiological assessment.″ The Argentine was pulled off after 40 minutes of Barcelona’s 1-1 tie with Alavés on Saturday after collapsing to the ground and clutching his chest, but he was able to walk off the pitch unassisted despite his injuries.

Why is Aguero retiring?

After experiencing discomfort in his chest during Barcelona’s 1-1 tie with Alaves in October, Aguero was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia – or abnormal heartbeat – and was forced to declare his early retirement from the sport in December, according to reports.

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Is Sergio Aguero retiring?

What was the reason behind Aguero’s retirement? The 33-year-last old’s competitive appearance came on October 30, 2021, in a match against Alaves in the Liga MX. He was taken off the field in the 42nd minute of the game as it became clear that he was in no condition to continue.

Did Aguero score for Barca?

After replacing Ansu Fati in the starting lineup, Aguero managed to score his first goal for the Blaugrana in his third outing as a member of the squad. However, he did not have time to celebrate the goal since the players were forced to sprint back to their own half in an attempt to turn the game around immediately after scoring.

Is Aguero and Messi related?

Lionel Messi’s bond with Manchester City icon Sergio Aguero is well known, with the latter serving as godfather to the former’s kid, Benjamin. This is a wonderful homage from not just a fellow footballer, but also a loyal friend to the Manchester City legend.

Where’s Aguero playing now?

He has gained the devotion of the City family as well as the esteem of the football community across the world.″ Aguero departed Manchester City this summer to join Barcelona, bringing a remarkable ten years at the Etihad Stadium to a close. During that time, he established himself as a footballing superstar.

Why isn t Sergio Aguero playing?

Sergio Aguero has announced his retirement from sport as a result of a heart condition. An emotional rollercoaster Sergio Aguero has stated that he would retire from professional football. He was just diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, which is an abnormal heartbeat. Aguero is 33 years old.

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What team is Aguero on 2022?

Sergio Aguero has confirmed that he will represent Argentina in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

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