Where Does Michael Owen Live Now?

Stories that have been promoted. Owen and his family have resided in Lower Soughton Hall, a Grade II listed manor house near Mold in North Wales, since 2001, when he married Louise Bonsall and moved there with their four children. He purchased the home while he was at the pinnacle of his Liverpool footballing career.

Where is Michael Owen’s house?

For further information, please see the following link: An exclusive look inside Michael Owen’s beautiful North Wales property has been shared with the public. When Keith Lemon came to look around his Grade II listed Flintshire manor house in Northop, near Mold, for ITV’s Through the Keyhole, the former Liverpool striker was gracious enough to let him.

What does Michael Owen do now?

Michael James Owen (born 14 December 1979) is a former English footballer who played as a striker for a number of clubs, including Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City, as well as for the England national team.He retired from professional football in 2011.Since his retirement from football in 2013, he has focused his efforts on becoming a racehorse breeder and owner.

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Where was Michael Owen born and raised?

Owen’s early years were spent in Chester, Cheshire, where he was the fourth child of Jeanette and Terry Owen.His father was a former professional footballer who played for clubs such as Chester City and Everton among other clubs in England.Owen’s father introduced him to football when he was seven years old, and he quickly established himself as the most promising athlete in the household.

How tall is Michael Owen height and weight?

He stands at 5’8″ and weighs 154 pounds, which is a healthy weight for his height. Michael Owen was born on December 14, 1979, in Chester, England, to parents who were both teachers. He is of English nationality, and he belongs to the white ethnic group. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he was born in the middle of December.

What area does Michael Owen live?

Lower Soughton Hall is where the former Liverpool striker presently resides with his wife, Louise Bonsall, and their four children, who are all born in the area. The home was purchased by the footballer in 2001, the same year he was awarded the coveted Ballon d’Or trophy following an outstanding season with Liverpool.

What does Michael Owen do for a living now?

Since his retirement from football in 2013, he has gone on to become a racehorse breeder and owner, as well as appearing on television and radio as a sports analyst and commentator. Owen, the son of former Liverpool player Terry Owen, was born in Chester and began his professional career with the Reds in 1996.

Where is Michael Owen now?

Since retiring from the playing field, Owen has largely been seen on television as a pundit, match analyst, and occasionally co-commentator for BT Sport’s football coverage, among other things.

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Does Michael Owen live in Hawarden?

Football enthusiasts who want a piece of football legend Michael Owen’s life may do so for a little less than £200,000. The current owners of the old house of the Liverpool striker in North Wales have decided to put it on the market for sale. The 22-year-old grew up in a five-bedroom detached house in Cromwell Close, Hawarden, where he played football as a schoolboy player.

Where does Robbie Fowler live?

However, while Robbie Fowler the player will always be connected with his hometown of Liverpool, his manager has already relocated from Bangkok to Brisbane and then Bengal.

Where in North Wales is Michael Owens House?

Owen and his family have resided in Lower Soughton Hall, a Grade II listed manor house near Mold in North Wales, since 2001, when he married Louise Bonsall and moved there with their four children.

What is Michael Owens house worth?

The inside of Michael Owen’s home includes the following: In 42 acres of Welsh countryside, a footballer’s £4 million estate includes an indoor pool, putting green, home gym, and spa, among other amenities. While enjoying a good football career, he amassed a tiny wealth that has been estimated to be worth $68 million.

How much money has Michael Owen got?

Michael Owen is a British actor who is best known for his role in the film The Great Gatsby.Net worth is the sum of one’s assets and liabilities.Owen is currently valued at a whopping $68 million and was one of the highest-paid players in the world during his time at Liverpool, where he was also the highest-paid teenager at the start of his eight-year spell.The Englishman, on the other hand, still has a substantial amount of money invested in his holdings.

How rich is Michael Owen?

Michael James Owen is a former English footballer who played as a striker. He is reported to have a net worth of $50 million. He appeared in 89 games for his country’s national team, scoring 40 goals in the process. Owen played in three World Cups, in 1998, 2002, and 2006, and scored four goals in 12 games throughout his time there.

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Is Michael Owen still married?

MICHAEL OWEN is a footballing icon in England who was once considered a young genius. After hanging up his football boots, he went on to become a pundit for BT Sport and a racing horse owner. He has been married to childhood love Louise Bonshall for a number of years, but she has preferred to remain out of the spotlight.

How do I contact Michael Owen?

Michael Owen’s agent and management may be reached at the following address: (themichaelowen)

  1. Direct phone number: 07799
  2. [email protected] is the company’s email address.
  3. 07799 is the company’s phone number.
  4. Website address: www.so

Did Michael Owen buy his family houses?

Michael Owen Owen, who was born in Chester and went to school in Wales, spent £750,000 on a row of houses for his family in 2001 so that they could live close to him at the England-Wales border. Owen was born in Chester and went to school in Wales. They were purchased for the then-England striker’s parents, sisters, and brothers, who all live in the houses in north Wales.

What county is Flintshire?

Flintshire (Welsh: Sir y Fflint) is a county located in the north-eastern part of the country of Wales. On the east, it shares a border with England, on the west, with Denbighshire, and on the south, with Wrexham County Borough.

Flintshire Welsh: Sir y Fflint
Flintshire shown within Wales
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Constituent country Wales
Preserved county Clwyd

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