Where Is Jamie Carragher Now?

Immediately following his retirement from football in 2013, Carragher joined Sky Sports, where he serves as a broadcaster and pundit. Carragher will join CBS Sports’ Champions League studio broadcast crew, which will begin in July 2020, according to the company.

Does Jamie Carragher own Carragher’s bar?

Brian Mclaughlin runs Carragher’s in Times Square, which debuted last year, as well as four other Irish American bars in New York – one on the West side, one on the East side, and three in the Financial District. Mclaughlin is a diehard Reds supporter.

Does Jamie Carragher own a pub in NY?

CARRAGHER’S BAR – Carragher’s Pub and Restaurant, which is named after the former Liverpool defender, originally opened its doors in Manhattan in August 2015. Among the items on display are autographed football jerseys, scarves, and unique artwork, all of which were donated by Carragher himself.

What team does Carragher support?

Meet the Everton supporter Jamie Carragher, who was chosen to be the first to celebrate Demarai Gray’s winning goal | Football News | Sky Sports | Football.

Is Jason McAteer married?

In October 2013, McAteer married Lucy Edwards in Limerick with the celebration at Dromoland Castle.

Did Jamie Carragher ever scored for Liverpool?

Aston Villa won the Premier League in 1997. Jamie Carragher scored his first ever goal for Liverpool in front of the Kop in 1997, against Aston Villa, in front of the Kop (via Soccerbase).

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How long did Carragher play for Liverpool?

Jamie Carragher was Mr Liverpool throughout his time at Anfield. He was the quintessential one-club player, and he had one of the greatest hearts in the game of football. During his 17-year career with the Reds, during which he made more than 700 appearances, our former vice-captain played an important role in the club’s success.

What accent is Jamie Carragher?

All of us in the studio were giggling because we’re so accustomed to hearing Carragher talk in his native Liverpudlian accent that hearing him attempt to speak in an accent that sounds like he lives on the other side of the pond had us all laughing.

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