Who Did Yaya Toure Play For?

Gnégnéri Yaya Touré is an Ivorian former professional footballer who played as a midfielder for a number of clubs, the last of which being Qingdao Huanghai of the Chinese Super League. Touré desired to be a striker as a child, but he has spent much of his career as a centre-back, including a stint with Barcelona in the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final.

Yaya Touré

Personal information
2007–2010 Barcelona (4)
2010–2018 Manchester City (59)
2018 Olympiacos (0)
2019–2020 Qingdao Huanghai (2)

When did Yaya Touré move from Arsenal to Liverpool?

When he joined Manchester City in 2009, he was followed a year later by his younger brother, Yaya Touré, and together they helped the club win its first Premier League championship in 44 years.Touré joined Liverpool in 2013 after being released by the Reds.As a result of his victories with Arsenal and Manchester City, he is one of just eight players to have won the Premier League with two different teams.

How well do you know Yaya Toure?

Toure is a former professional footballer from the Ivory Coast who has represented his nation as well as some of Europe’s most prestigious teams. His exceptional play earned him the distinction of being chosen Africa’s best player in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, among other accolades. Here’s all you need to know about him to make an informed decision. Yaya Toure’s age is unknown.

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Does Yaya Toure still play football?

‘To make a suggestion, please share your football expertise and vision with us.’ He concluded his playing career with a loan spell at Qingdao Huanghai in the Chinese Super League before retiring in January last year. Toure won three Premier League titles with Manchester City and two La Liga crowns with Barcelona during his time in Spain.

Where is Yaya Touré now?

Toure taught at Olimpik Donetsk in Ukraine and Akhmat Grozny in Russia earlier this year, but he has returned to his hometown of Hampstead in London to be closer to his family and to continue his coaching career in the United Kingdom.

How many languages does Yaya Toure speak?

French, Russian, Greek, Catalan, and English are the languages spoken. Yaya has had a serious commitment to the beautiful game since he was a toddler, and it has served him well.

How much does Yaya Toure weight in lbs?

42. Yaya Toure

Real name Yaya Toure
Age 38 (Born 13 May, 1983)
Height 6ft 2in (1.88m)
Weight 14st 1lb (89.34kg)

Who is older Yaya and Kolo Toure?

Kolo, the older of the two children, was born in Bouaké, the second-largest city in the Ivory Coast, in March 1981, and Yaya, a little more than two years later, in the same city. As well as having a sister, Aicha, the Touré brothers also had a younger brother named Ibrahim, who unfortunately died of cancer in 2014 at the age of just 28 years old.

Which Touré played for Arsenal?

Kolo Abib Touré (born March 19, 1981) is an Ivorian professional football coach and former player who hails from the country of Togo. He was a defender for Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Celtic, and the Ivory Coast national team, among other clubs and organizations.

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What year did Yaya Toure play in Arsenal?

Arsenal’s 2003 pre-season friendly against Barnet ended in a goalless draw, with Yaya Touré on the pitch for his team. Consider what could have been if things had gone differently. Himanshu Bhenwal and 4,694 other people are following this. If he signs with Arsenal, the Gunners will transfer him to Barcelona in 2006, and Barcelona will sell him to Manchester City in 2007.

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