Who Does Patrick Vieira Manage?

Patrick Vieira is a pseudonym for a number of different persons who share the same name (disambiguation). Patrick Vieira (born June 23, 1976) is a French professional football manager and former player who is now the manager of Premier League team Crystal Palace. Vieira was born in Paris, France, and grew up in Paris.

Who is New York City FC boss Patrick Vieira?

During his time as manager of the Etihad club’s reserves between 2013 and 2016, Vieira gained valuable experience before moving on to lead the club’s American affiliate, New York City FC. He has had a little amount of success with the club, helping them to reach the MLS Playoffs in both of his two seasons with them.

What does Patrick Vieira do now?

In July 2021, he was hired to his present position as manager of Premier League team Crystal Palace, marking his return to football management after a five-year absence. In March 2022, Vieira was entered into the Premier League’s Hall of Fame, a distinction he has had since his debut in the league.

Who manages Patrick Vieira?

On June 23, 1976, in Dakar, Senegal, Patrick Vieira was born, the son of a French player and a Senegalese footballer. He played as a midfielder for his side and is now the head coach of New York City FC, where he has been for the past two seasons. Vieira’s family relocated from Senegal to Dreux (in France) when he was eight years old, and he has never looked back.

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Did Vieira manage Arsenal?

Patrick Vieira is regarded as a legend at Arsenal, having served as captain of the club’s Invincibles team and as one of the club’s leaders during his nine-year tenure with the club. MORE: The English Premier League schedule has been updated.

Date Club League (Country)
July 2021 Crystal Palace Premier League (England)

What is Viera worth?

Patrick Vieira net worth: Patrick Vieira is a retired French footballer who has a net worth of $33 million. Vieira is the son of a former professional player. Patrick Vieira’s net worth is unknown.

Net Worth: $33 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 23, 1976 (45 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
Profession: Football player

How rich is Thierry Henry?

When Thierry Henry was younger, his yearly pay was about $20 million dollars. Thierry Henry is widely regarded as one of the greatest French footballers of all time. Thierry Henry’s estimated net worth in 2022 is: Biography, earnings, profession, and automobile.

Net Worth: $130 Million
Date of Birth: August 17, 1977
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft in (1.88m)
Profession: French football coach

Is Viera a good manager?

Vieira has a lot of managing experience between the two clubs he has worked for – 90 games with New York City and 89 games with Nice. He chose Nice over New York City for the position, but was fired by the French club in December and has not worked for another team since. He is presently a commentator for ITV for the Euro 2020 tournament.

Who managed Chelsea?

Chelsea FC » Managerial Experience

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Period Manager born
26/01/2021 – 30/06/2024 Thomas Tuchel 29/08/1973
04/07/2019 – 25/01/2021 Frank Lampard 20/06/1978
14/07/2018 – 30/06/2019 Maurizio Sarri 10/01/1959
01/07/2016 – 13/07/2018 Antonio Conte 31/07/1969

What is Arsenal manager salary?

In his last agreement, the term was set to expire in 2023. In December 2019, Arsenal appointed Arteta as their first senior manager, and it is generally rumored that the former Spain international had agreed to a salary of about £5 million ($6.2 million) per year.

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