Who Is Better Mohamed Salah Or Ronaldo?

Mohamed Salah is a better English Premier League player than Cristiano Ronaldo has ever been. Mohamed Salah has been a greater player for Liverpool than Cristiano Ronaldo has ever been for Manchester United, and the statistics back up this claim. When it comes to Premier League goals and general domination, Mohamad Salah outperforms Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of brilliance.

Is Mo Salah better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Because Ronaldo has had nine seasons that have been as successful as Salah’s most recent season, he is considered to be superior to Salah in terms of overall performance. This implies that if Mo Salah wants to be deemed greater than Cristiano Ronaldo, he will have to score more than 40 goals every season for the next nine years.

Who has scored more Premier League goals-Salah or Ronaldo?

The Egyptian forward has scored a staggering 104 league goals in 166 league appearances, whereas Ronaldo has scored his tally in 201 league outings for Real Madrid. Salah has also had a strong start to the Premier League season, which gives him an advantage over the statistics when looking at just this season.

How many goals does Mohamed Salah have in the Premier League?

Users that are logged in will be able to see the anticipated goals.Mohamed Salah possesses the attacking abilities listed below.He has 19 goals and a total of 54 shots on goal during the course of his career.As a result, the goal conversion percentage is 55 percent in this case.

  1. He was presented with a total of 67 huge opportunities.
  2. In the years 2021/2022, who has the most assists?
  3. Which player do you prefer: Cristiano Ronaldo or Mohamed Salah?
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Is Mo Salah a magical player in football?

Mo Salah is an example of such a player.Salah’s ranking is far lower than it should be since there are other players who are better goal scorers and next level playmakers than Salah.Football, on the other hand, is not about scoring goals.Musa Salah is without a doubt a brilliant player.

  1. This year, there are players that score a lot of goals, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, and Robert Lewandowski.

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