Who Is Nemanja Vidic?

Born on October 21, 1981, Nemanja Vidi (Serbian Cyrillic pronunciation: ; born 21 October 1981) is an ex-professional footballer from Serbia who played as a centre-back in the Serbian league.

Was Nemanja A Vidic captain?

After filling in as skipper during Gary Neville’s absence due to injury, Vidic was elected permanent captain of Manchester United in 2010. Later in the season, he captained Manchester United to their first Premier League title, although they were defeated by Barcelona in the Champions League final.

Who is Nemanja?

Nemanja (Serbian Cyrillic: емaа) is a Serbian given name for boys and young men. It comes from the given name of Stefan Nemanja (1114–1199), the founder of the Nemanji dynasty and Serbian grand prince who was canonized and declared a saint after his death. Nemanja.

Gender masculine
Language(s) Serbian
Word/name Serbia
Other names

Was Vidic the best defender?

Nemanja Vidi has been named the finest defender in the history of the Premier League, according to a survey conducted by Sky Sports, which received more than 200,000 votes.

Was Vidic or Ferdinand captain?

At Old Trafford, Nemanja Vidic is famous for his full-blooded style, and the centre-back developed an excellent relationship with Rio Ferdinand during his time there. Having been appointed captain in 2011, the Serbian international guided United to their 19th league championship that season, followed by their 20th two years later.

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Who is Manchester United longest serving captain?

During his 26-year tenure as manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson was blessed with a plethora of on-field leaders. The five-man group of Steve Bruce, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, and Nemanja Vidic all won league titles while wearing the captain’s armband, and they made a significant impact on the dressing room throughout their time together.

Where does Nemanja Vidic live now?

Following his retirement from playing, Vidic chose to remain in Milan with his family, where he describes himself as mostly a driver for his three sons, transporting them to and from school and football training.

Who is Nemanja Sekulic?

Serbian photographer, graphic designer, and educator Nemanja Sekulic works in a variety of fields.

What happened Nemanja Matic?

In a statement released on Monday, Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic said he will be leaving the club at the conclusion of the 2021/22 season. Having played 183 times for Liverpool since joining from Chelsea in 2017, the 33-year-old is expected to leave the club in the summer of 2019.

Who’s better Maldini or Ramos?

This may cause you to become agitated, but it is Maldini who has won the most titles in his career (Maldini has 26 and Ramos has 22). Although Ramos has won more UEFA Champions League titles than Maldini, there is no denying that the Italian defender was a fearsome defender. Conclusion? Paolo Maldini, in our opinion, is the winner of the GOAT argument, at least for the time being.

Who is the best football defenders of all time?

New fan survey has crowned Paolo Maldini as the best defender in the history of football. The AC Milan and Italy legend has been voted the greatest defender in football history. The Serie A giants were home to Maldini for more than 25 years, during which time he amassed an impressive collection of honours, including seven Serie A crowns and five Champions League titles.

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Is Sergio Ramos the best defender of all time?

When compared to strikers and midfielders, the world of defenders is more harder to navigate because their supremacy is not determined by goals or assists. Many people feel that Sergio Ramos is the greatest defender in the history of the sport. According to France Football Magazine, Sergio Ramos was chosen the best player of all time by a whopping 68 percent of the public.

Who is Man Utd current captain?

Ralf Rangnick has shown his support for Harry Maguire in his role as captain of Manchester United.

Who is United’s captain?

In preparation for Manchester United’s Premier League match against Wolves on Jan. 3, 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded the captain’s armband, marking the first time he has worn the armband since 2008, according to the club.

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