Why Did Robin Van Persie Get A Red Card?

Van Persie was penalized for shooting after Busacca blew his whistle, and he was later dismissed from the game. A frightened Van Persie was taken to the dressing room early after appealing with the referee that he hadn’t heard the whistle in front of a 95,000-strong throng of supporters and players.

When did Van Persie get a red card?

One of these is Arsenal’s Robin van Persie’s red card against Barcelona in 2011, which is widely regarded as the worst dismissal in the history of the sport.

Who sent off Van Persie?

UEFA Champions League 2010–11 Round of 16 match between Arsenal F.C. and FC Barcelona on 8 March 2011, in which Busacca controversially sent Robin Van Persie off for kicking the ball after the whistle, with some commentators claiming that he had cemented his place in the hall of fame of worst referees in football history.

Is Robin van Persie loyal?

Robin van Persie has demonstrated his allegiance to Arsenal and Manchester United by compiling a list of the six finest footballers he has had the pleasure of playing alongside.

Who got sent off for Arsenal in the Champions League final?

Jens Lehmann was sent off early in the game in front of an estimated attendance of 79,500 people. However, Arsenal managed to take the lead late in the first half through Sol Campbell. Final of the 2006 UEFA Champions League.

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Event 2005–06 UEFA Champions League
Attendance 79,610
Weather Partly cloudy 15 °C (59 °F) 33% humidity
← 2005 2007 →

How many red cards does van Persie have?

Robin van Persie’s career statistics

General stats
Matches played 77 Goals
Yellow Card 13 Red Card
Goals with
Right Foot 5 Left Foot

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