Why Did Robin Van Persie Leave Arsenal?

Robin van Persie has admitted that Arsenal’s concern with financial success, rather than winning trophies, was the driving force behind his decision to leave the club in the first place. The Dutchman played for eight years at the Emirates Stadium before joining Manchester United in 2012 on a free transfer.

It was me who sold him to Manchester United.’ Because of this, the fans were upset with me, but we were unable to match the offer. Eventually, I was able to negotiate his release for £24million, which was a significant sum at the time for a player who still had a year remaining on his contract. I was merely thinking about the club’s best interests.

Why Van Persie leave Arsenal?

Robin Van Persie left Arsenal for Manchester United when the Gunners refused to offer him a new contract, according to the Dutch star. ROBIN VAN PERSIE has opened out about his decision to leave Arsenal for Manchester United.

Did Van Persie betray Arsenal?

The betrayal by Robin van Persie Arsenal supporters were taken aback and felt betrayed by the former captain. The supporters couldn’t believe that van Persie could turn his back on them so swiftly, but they were right. Furthermore, Robin van Persie’s debut season at Manchester was the stuff of fantasies for the Dutchman.

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Did Van Persie want to come back to Arsenal?

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has revealed that Robin van Persie expressed a desire to rejoin the club in 2015, but Wenger passed down the opportunity to bring the Dutchman back to north London. After joining Arsenal from Feyenoord in 2004, Van Persie quickly established himself as one of the Premier League’s finest performers under Arsene Wenger, scoring 132 goals in 278 appearances.

Is Van Persie an Arsenal fan?

Robin van Persie was previously regarded as a hero by Arsenal supporters. A year after joining as a free agent, the Dutchman went on to establish himself as the club’s leading goal scorer. Van Persie’s finest season for the club came during the 2011/12 season, during which he scored 38 goals in 47 appearances for the club.

Did Van Persie won Premier League with Arsenal?

Van Persie scored 30 goals in 48 appearances in all competitions during his debut season at Manchester United. But, after so many years of futility with Arsenal, it was the Premier League championship he desired, and his goals made it possible for Arsenal to win their record-breaking 20th title in the process.

When did Fabregas leave Arsenal?

For a variety of reasons, including his relationship with certain former team-mates, the pressure to win titles, and the club’s lack of recruiting, Cesc Fabregas claims he left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2011.

Is RVP a snake?

Arsenal, according to Robin van Persie, is to responsible for the situation. After moving from Arsenal to Manchester United in the summer of 2012, Robin van Persie was referred to as a ″snake″ and other derogatory terms by the media. The Dutchman did write a letter to the Arsenal supporters informing them that he was quitting the club, but he did not explain why he was departing.

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What did Van Persie do to Arsenal?

As a whole, he enjoyed his greatest season with Arsenal, scoring 11 Premier League goals and providing a league-leading 11 assists, while also scoring a career-high 20 goals across all competitions. Van Persie was selected the Arsenal.com Player of the Season for the 2008–09 season.

How many goals did van Persie score against Arsenal?

Having moved from north London to Manchester in August of last year, Van Persie has scored in each of the three games he has played against Arsenal since then.

How old was Van Persie when he joined Arsenal?

Arsenal today announced the signing of Feyenoord forward Robin van Persie, a promising young Dutch talent. After winning the Premiership title, the newly-crowned champions announced that the highly regarded 20-year-old will join them ″on a long-term deal for an undisclosed amount.″

Is Van Persie an Arsenal or United legend?

ROBIN VAN PERSIE has chosen the six finest players he has ever had the pleasure of playing alongside – and four of them are former Manchester United greats. The former Arsenal captain, who played his final three seasons in England with Manchester United, announced his retirement from the sport at the age of 35.

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