Why Did Sergio Aguero Divorce?

Giannina declined to accompany Sergio to England, rumor has it that she did so because she did not care for the country. Because of the absence of his family, Aguero found it difficult to settle down in his new home. After four years of marriage, they realized they couldn’t keep it together any longer and filed for divorce.

Who is Sergio Aguero’s wife Giannina?

Giannina Maradona, the youngest daughter of Argentine superstar Diego Maradona, is the wife of City player Sergio Aguero, who has announced his separation from her. The 24-year-old striker is thought to have divorced from his wife of four years, with Giannina believed to be relocating permanently to Madrid with their three-year-old kid, Benjamin, according to reports..

How old is Sergio Aguero’s son Benjamin?

Giannina Maradona gave birth to their son Benjamin in Madrid, Spain, in 2009, just one year after they were married. He is currently twelve years old, according to his age. Every year on February 19, Aguero celebrates his birthday by blowing out a candle. Agüero is the father of only one kid, who is named Agüero.

What happened to Aguero and Maradona’s marriage?

In Madrid, she gave birth to their son Benjamin, who was born a year after their marriage. The couple, on the other hand, chose to call it quits in 2012. Following their divorce, Maradona became enraged with Aguero after his photographs with Argentinian singer Karina Tejeda were widely circulated in the media.

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Why did Sergio Aguero go to hospital?

On October 30, the former Manchester City striker was brought to the hospital after complaining of ‘chest pain’ after a 1-1 tie with Alaves in the Champions League. ‘The decision I’ve made has been influenced by my health,’ Aguero explained in an interview.

Are Aguero and Giannina still together?

Giannina brought Ben with her after their divorce. When asked about her absence, Aguero said, ″I’ve been trying to adjust to a new stage of my life following my separation for the past few months.″ It’s difficult after so many intensive years of living together and having so many experiences with Gianni, but it’s necessary.

Did Aguero date maradonas daughter?

Giannina Maradona is a famous soccer player from Argentina. When Sergio Aguero began dating Diego Maradona’s younger daughter in 2008, he became a member of football aristocracy. While Aguero was still playing for Atletico, Giannina gave birth to their son Benjamin a little more than a year later.

Are De Gea and Aguero related?

Aguero and De Gea have really been great friends since their days as teammates at Atletico Madrid, when they even won the Europa League together in 2012.

Is Messi the godfather of Aguero son?

Sergio Agüero married the daughter of the late great Diego Maradona, and their son, Benjamn, was born in 2009 and has a very unique godfather in the form of Leo Messi, who was born in the same year as Benjamn.

Is Aguero related to Messi?

Lionel Messi’s bond with Manchester City icon Sergio Aguero is well known, with the latter serving as godfather to the former’s kid, Benjamin. This is a wonderful homage from not just a fellow footballer, but also a loyal friend to the Manchester City legend.

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Is Sergio Aguero Italian?

In addition to playing for the Argentine national team and the ‘Premier League’ club ‘Manchester City,’ Sergio Agüerois is also a professional footballer in his own country. Since his early beginnings in Buenos Aires, he has been a passionate supporter of football.

Who is Sergio dating?

Sofia Calzetti, a 24-year-old model, is Aguero’s most recent love interest. It was his first confirmed girlfriend since Tejeda, and they made their relationship public on Instagram in 2019 with a series of adorable photographs shared on social media.

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