Why Does Roy Keane Not Drink?

Despite the fact that he is now practically a non-drinker, Keane confesses that he has had a problem with alcohol consumption in the past and discusses some of the difficulty that it got him into in his forthcoming book, which will be ghost-written by Eamon Dunphy.

Why did Roy Keane go missing for days?

In a new interview, Roy Keane discusses his ″mid-life crisis″ and his previous drinking problems, which led to him going missing for many days.

What happened to Sean Keane?

It has since been revealed that little Sean had a trimalleolar fracture in his ankle, which resulted in the shattering of three bones in the foot.As a result of the negative feedback received from Rovers supporters on his unwillingness to bring his son to Supermacs after the game as he had promised, as well as his decision to exclude the boy from any future family outings, Roy Keane responded as follows:

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