Why Is David Silva Missing?

It has now been disclosed as to why Silva has been absent from Pep Guardiola’s squad this season. According to the New York Times, the personal reasons for his absence are connected to the pregnancy of his partner, Yessica Suárez González, who is a journalist. There is also an indication that the issue has been rectified.

Leg ailment keeps him out of the game. Spanish newspaper El Diario Vasco reports that Silva has sustained a leg injury and will miss his team’s match against Espanyol on Sunday. Impact Silva has started each of Sociedad’s past eight games in La Liga and the Europa League, but he will miss the match against Real Madrid on Sunday due to a hamstring injury.

What happened to David Silva in March 2014?

Silva had a good month in March, scoring two goals and providing two assists in the league while also putting up a string of excellent performances. After scoring in away matches against Hull City and Arsenal, he was voted Manchester City’s Player of the Month for March 2014 after scoring in both games.

Is David Silva leaving Manchester City?

David Silva, a midfielder for Manchester City, will be released by the club at the end of the current league season. Manchester City’s David Silva is the star of the show. Invalid email address A problem has occurred; please attempt this again later. When you sign up for our newsletters, we will use the information you enter to bring you these publications.

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How old is David Silva from behind bars?

When Louis and his crew were filming his Behind Bars series, they came across David Silva, an inmate at San Quentin who they ended up becoming friends with (2008). David was 33 years old at the time of the filming, which took place in 2007. He had been imprisoned since he was 29 years old, serving a life sentence. David Silva is now about 46 years old, according to this estimate.

Why did David Silva turn down Real Madrid?

Silva revealed in an interview with a Spanish radio station on October 25, 2011, that he had turned down offers from both Barcelona and Real Madrid in order to join Manchester City, and that he intends to stay at the club for many years. His thoughts on the matter were as follows: ‘Madrid and Barcelona are fantastic clubs, but I am pleased here and would like to stay for many years.’

What happend to David Silva?

Silva confirmed his retirement from international football following the conclusion of the 2018 World Cup. He finished his international career with 125 appearances for Spain, scoring 35 goals in the process.

Is David Silva injured?

Marca claims that he will miss the remainder of their La Liga games in April, with former Manchester City player David Silva joining him on the sidelines as a result of the news. Following the club’s confirmation that Silva had sustained an abductor injury, he was removed from the field in the dying minutes of the final victory.

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What happened to Silvas son?

David Silva has stated that he would be ″very proud″ if his son Mateo were to play for Manchester City in the future. The two-year-old spent the first five months of his life in the hospital after being delivered prematurely at the age of 25 weeks. He is now home. However, he has made a complete recovery and is now bursting with vitality.

Why did Silva leave?

Former Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva said in a recent interview with The Times that he wanted to leave the club last summer because he wanted to be closer to his family, rather than because of any football-related concerns.

Why is Silva bald?

Furthermore, he had small red spots on the back of his head and on the sides of his neck. The supporters had no idea that this was the beginning of a period of significant development in his style. After obtaining a hair transplant, most people shave their heads bald to conceal the procedure. David Silva followed suit since he, too, had undergone a kidney transplant a few years before.

How old is Thiago Silva?

Thiago Silva, a Chelsea defender who is 37 years old, has explained how he is still able to compete at the highest level of football despite his advanced age. The former PSG midfielder joined the European Champions as a free agent in the summer of 2020, making him the fourth club in his career to have played for them.

Who does david Silva?


Season Team
2021/2022 Real Sociedad 1464
2020/2021 Real Sociedad 1408
2019/2020 Manchester City 1833
2018/2019 Manchester City 2411
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Did David Silva’s baby survive?

Mateo Silva, David Silva’s son who was born prematurely, has been released from the hospital after five months of treatment. It was the Manchester City midfielder who broke the news, according to BBC Sport, on Twitter.

How premature was David silvas baby?

It was five months early in 2017 when the Spaniards’ son Mateo was born, and the City businessman stood by while his kid struggled for his life – something the City man has previously characterized as the ‘toughest moment of his life.″

Did David Silva son survive?

David Silva, a Manchester City player, has opened out about how nearly losing his infant boy helped him put things in perspective in both football and his personal life. Despite the fact that Mateo’s mother, Yessica, gave birth to him in December 2017, the infant spent the first five months of his life in a Valencia hospital.

Who will leave Man City this summer?

Fernandinho reveals he will be leaving Manchester City | Pep Guardiola admits he was unaware of the situation | Football News | Sky Sports.

Why did sane leave Man City?

  1. I played for City for three seasons before being sidelined with an injury in the fourth.
  2. I simply got the impression that I wanted something different, which is why I arrived to this conclusion at the end of the day.
  3. I informed them that I want to relocate and that this was the best option for me.
  • I was thinking about the overall picture – not only about me, but also about my family and the rest of the world.

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