Why Won’T Dwight Yorke See His Son?

Katie Price claims that Dwight Yorke severed his links with her and her husband, Harvey, in 2012 after a ‘awkward’ encounter between the two. The 43-year-old mother of five has a kid with the former footballer, but the former player has had limited contact with her youngest child, who was born with Prader-Willi disease and is partially blind.

Did Dwight Yorke call to check on his son?

The former footballer, on the other hand, made the opportunity to go on TalkRadio to talk about Manchester United’s football match versus Southampton, which took place on Monday evening (July 13). ″Katie is enraged — she can’t believe that Dwight didn’t even bother phoning to check on his son,″ a source told the newspaper.

Who is Harvey Price’s dad Dwight Yorke?

With many different father figures coming and going over the years, including Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler, KATIE Price’s eldest son Harvey has experienced a variety of emotions.Harvey, 19, hasn’t talked to his real father, Dwight Yorke, 49, since the day of his ninth birthday in 2012, when the former footballer said that he had no desire to have anything to do with Harvey or his mother, Katie, 43.

Did Katie Price have a baby with Dwight Yorke?

Harvey was her first child, whom she had while dating footballer Dwight Yorke. She had two more children after that. He, on the other hand, first disputed that the child was his until a DNA test revealed that he was correct. Even then, Dwight was rumored to be unconcerned about becoming his father and to have ghosted Katie and Harvey.

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Is Harvey Dent’s dad Dwight Yorke still alive?

Harvey, who is 18 today, has also been blessed with a large number of father figures who have encouraged and supported him. Harvey Yorke, who is visually handicapped, autistic, and suffers from Prader-Willi disease, and his father, former Manchester United star Dwight Yorke, have a strained and acrimonious relationship.

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